How to do a Color Pop Animation in PowerPoint

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A color pop (or color highlight) animation in PowerPoint is an animation, where you use a grey-scale picture/photo/image and add color to one of its elements, e.g., an apple, the eyes of an animal/person. This is a very cool-looking effect and can be easily done.

Step-By-Step Guide on how to do a color pop animation in PowerPoint

  1. Add an image to your slide.
  2. Copy this image (Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V).
  3. Select the original image. Go to the “Format” tab in the tool bar. Click on the “Color” button and choose “Saturation 0%” (the first element on the top left). Now you should have a desaturated greyscale image/photo/picture.
  4. Now select the copy, which is still colorful, and move it exactly above the greyscale image.
  5. Keep the colored picture/image selected and in the “Format” tab, click on “Remove Background”. The purple area shows what elements of the picture/image won’t be shown. Change the size of the rectangle and if necessary add/remove selected areas by choosing the “Mark Areas to Remove” / “Mark Areas to Keep” on the top left in the toolbar. Be aware that PowerPoint uses a lot of automatic pattern recognition here, which is usually quite useful. Confirm your selection by clicking “Keep Changes”.
  6. Now, select the colored picture and click on the “Animations” tab. Select the animation you want to use, I recommend “fade in”.

You are done. If anything is not quite obvious, I recommend watching the short video (about 2 mins) below, because this tutorial is quite complicated without any visuals if you are not very familiar with the PowerPoint user-interface. If you found this tutorial helpful, please share, link, like or subscribe, thank you.

HowTo Video: Do a Color Pop Animation in PowerPoint

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